Jack Dangers

Loudness Clarifies/Electronic Music From Tapelab

imprec042   2xCD


Jack Dangers, founder of the legendary Meat Beat Manifesto, has returned with his second double album on Important Records. Following the success of Forbidden Planet Explored, Jack''s soundtrack for the legendary sci-fi film Forbidden Planet, Jack has brought us a brand new Meat Beat style manifestation and a collection of 10 years worth of his electro-acoustic musique concrete. Loudness Clarifies/Music From Tapelab brings forth both sides of Jack Dangers multi-dimensional audio personality into one single commercial package neatly designed by Almighty. From the distant, careful, experimentalism found in Music From Tapelab to the dance floor oriented Loudness Clarifies we experience Jack as a whole musical entity. While we don''t want to oversimplify Jack''s many musical branches, this double cd is the ultimate example of the depth and bredth of this groundbreaking and highly influencial electronic artist.


Disc one, titled Loudness Clarifies is a Meat Beat Manifesto style beats-and-breaks-workout/overhall of the musique concrete material from disc two. Like a dance party in a classroom, Loudness Clarifies combines the more academic aspects of Jack Dangers musique concrete work with the absolute beat of his work in Meat Beat Manifesto. The result is an exotic, textured deep bass breakout from the king of dance floor.


Disc two, titled Electronic Music From Tapelab is a collection of electro-acoustic musique concrete for film, radio and television. Recorded at Tapelab over the last 10 years. Jack has slowly and meticulously created these ultra-complex audio collages.


Both records were created in Jack''s Tapelab studio where Jack houses, among other rare and unique electonic instruments, his EMS Synthi 100. Jack’s Synthi 100 is one of the only 29 ever built and one of the only Synthi’s known to be operational. From the Synthi 100 this maestro of sound is able to produce elaborate unheard tones, drones, bleeps and blobs.


Disc 1

1. Annihilating Rhythm 

2. Musical Experiences 

3. Individual 1 

4. Individual 2

5. Listen For The Echo 

6. Boss Society? 

7. Encoder

8. Super Hit 9 

9. Solid Gold 

10. Servile Days 

11. Granulation-2 

12. The Aeolian Arp 

Disc 2 

Electronic Music From Tapelab


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