Diane Cluck

Oh Vanille/Ova Nille

imprec049   CD/LP


“This record is by my favorite singer-songwriter in all of New York City. I''m so happy to be alive at the same time she is because i get to see her perform. It''s her and guitar or her and piano or her and harmonium. Her lyrics are so good, when i play this for people they stop doing everything and are quiet for hours after." -Devendra Banhart

Diane Cluck''s hauntingly clear voice weaves melodies full of love and pain through her intentionally sparse arrangements of piano, acoustic guitar and harmonium. Perfect as they are, any additional instrumentation would be unnecessary adornments on these “skeleton” songs, as she calls them. A classical training and obsession with Erik Satie has instilled a tasteful minimalism. Her recordings have been self released until now in a fashion similar to the manner in which she records them: deliberate, hesitant and beautiful. Even now, with this full length coming out internationally on Important Records, Diane has only allowed for it to be issued in an edition of 500 in homemade packaging. As a result this is the 4th installment in Important''s Arts And Crafts series featuring 11 tracks released in packaging handmade made by the artist. It is our hope that an unlimited edition can eventually be arranged. After two years of trying to convince Diane that a commercial release is the right thing to do Important is honored to release "Oh Vanille / Ova Nille."

The fact that Diane Cluck recently allowed her music to be included on the Devendra Banhart curated Golden Apples Of The Sun compilation (including Iron & Wine, Vertiver, Joanna Newsom, Six Organs Of Admittance, White Magic, Matt Valentine, CocoRosie, Vashti Bunyan and deemed “essential” by Mojo Magazine) has earner her a great deal more critical recognition and represents what must be acknowledged as at least a slight desire for her music to be exposed to a larger audience. Though she has maintained a quiet presence, her extensive touring in Europe and America has furthered awareness while copies of her cdrs have circulated extensively. Songwriting this powerful and music this good can''t be a secret forever.

Oh Vanille/ Ova Nil is Diane Cluck''s fourth full length and her first official release for a recording company.

From Diane:

Half of this album was written at the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony in Temecula, California in the summer of 2003. The other half was written mostly in Brooklyn. Things trudge along as they should and when I was ready to record Todd Horton introduced himself and offered to help. We recorded mostly in a room he was renting and also in a room I was renting where I also recorded four other albums. Since making Oh Vanille / Ova Nil the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony has burned to the ground and the room I used to live in has been demolished.




1.    All I Bring You Is Love

2.    1/2 A Million Miles From Home

3.    Telepathic Desert

4.    Easy To Be Around

5.    The Turnaround Road

6.    Sandy Ree

7.    Bones & Born Again

8.    Petite Roses

9.    Held Together (Let Go If You Will)

10.    Yr Million Sweetnesses

11.    Wild Deer At Dawn


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