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World-exclusive to Important Records, a new 4 track EP of brand new material from London''s Piano Magic. In stark contrast to last winter''s Opencast Heart EP (also on Important), Incurable brings to mind the mid-80''s 4AD Records ethereal romanticism of This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance. It''s a glacially produced, though spiritually warm, set of songs which evoke beautiful, though bleak, European Winter landscapes, lost causes and broken hearts. Incurable features guest vocals from Angele David-Guillou of Klima, recently signed to the esteemed Peacefrog label (Jose Gonzalez, Nouvelle Vague) and who is currently recording her debut album with producer Guy Fixsen (Laika, My Bloody Valentine). Piano Magic are a living advertisement for the Entente Cordiale. Though based in London, 4 of the group are French and this intercultural exchange of creative perspectives has resulted in some of the most beautiful, evocative and romantic music of the past 10 years. Though unashamedly "underground" in Britain, Piano Magic have amassed a grandiose, devout following across Europe and the States amongst tortured souls and lonely librarians. Their most recent album, Disaffected (Darla), received high praise in Mojo, Uncut and The Wire, amongst others. The group were instrumental in coaxing 70''s folk legend, Vashti Bunyan, out of retirement recently and have additionally collaborated with the likes of Low, Cornershop and Tarwater.


1. Incurable

2. I Have Moved Into The Shadow

3. Giant Mirror To Light Up  Village

4. Lights Come On At 3


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