Paul Flaherty / C. Spencer Yeh / Greg Kelley

New York Nuts And Boston Baked Beans

imprec195   cd

Violinist/vocalist C Spencer Yeh & unrivaled saxophone elder-titan Paul Flaherty team up without the assistance of acclaimed drummer Chris Corsano for the first time. Along for the jamz is bonkers Boston trumpeteer Greg Kelley.

After performing numerous times and honing a distinct group dynamic as a trio over many years with celebrated percussionist Chris Corsano, Yeh and Flaherty decided to try it out one-on-one. The record comprises of the best from two live sets from a short duo tour in the Northeast -- at the celebrated venue Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, and Nom D''Artiste in Boston. With minimal editing, this is the sound of two people tearing at the limits of their instruments, these iconic configurations of metal and wood; hurling their respective accumulated life experience into one another, exposed and raw. The duo is likely one of the most dangerous configurations for people to interact within, musical or otherwise. Greg Kelley on trumpet is added to the mix and the results mutate into an even more mysterious form -- the trumpet is indistiguishable from the vocals; the saxophone creaks so the voice doesn''t have to.



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