Overhang Party

Complete Studio Recordings

IMPREC347   4x CD

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Overhang Party is criminally overlooked. From the heavily psychedelic noise-rock of their first album to the piano-rock anthems of 4, Overhang Party was somehow impossibly consistent and seamless. This box set flows as an even, open document of this fearless and inventive Japanese rock group. For a quick reference of the sonic distances this group has traveled (and the skills they posses) stream Bass Oscillations from the first record and then skip straight to Kizashi on 4.

The complete Studio Recordings of Overhang Party includes each of their studio albums (each with a bonus track) and their unreleased final recording sessions. While this 4 CD set is sure to please aficionados of Japanese underground rock The biggest surprise, however, will be for the uninitiated who can finally confront the groups emotional depth and stylistic breadth head on.
Japan's overhang party were always one of their country's most interesting, multifaceted and imaginative musical units, able to weave crawling rhythms and blown out psych feedback into full on rock anthems.

Absolutely essential listening for fans of LSD March, Miminokoto, Les Rallizes Denudes, Damon & Naomi/G500, Ghost, PSF/Tokyo Flashback and Japanese underground rock.



Overhang Party (1)

1. Twins of Sun
2. Bass Oscillation
3. One's Double
4. Air
5. In the Direction of the Night
Bonus track:
6. G House Blues

Overhang Party 2

1. Stimulant Night
2. My Blue Heaven
3. La Fièvre
4. No Traveler Returns
5. Falling
6. Which is the Shadow
7. Dreams Scream Together
Bonus track:
8. My Blue Heaven

Overhang Party 4

1. Kizashi
2. Le Feu Follet (The Fire Within)
3. Barcelona
4. Then the Ship Sank
5. Winter Lovers
6. Mirror
7. G House Blues
Bonus Track:
8. Le Fantôme de la Liberté

Overhang Party Last Recording
1. Prayer of a Fool
2. Wolf, Scorpion, Earth Fang
3. Pyramid
4. Marseille
5. Who are you?
6. Improvisation


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