Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno: Just Another Band From The Cosmic
Inferno (Important Records)

Blistering rawk onrush, one might mistake this for Boris with Electric
Apricot keyboardist Herschal Tambor Brillstien mining analog squiggliness.
You can practically see the mohair suits and electric boots. Track one is a
demure 20-minutes, while the second takes up the remaining 40-minutes, which
hum with cumulative motion and the raw energy of waves rushing into a
focused tight corridor. It's sort of space rock but space that's dark,
smothering, and diamond-hard. Around halfway through "They're Coming From
The Cosmic Inferno," you begin to question how they can sustain their
intensity. Surely they will relent, jam languidly just for respite's sake.
Nope. Two drummers brutalizing their kits, new member Tabata Mitsuru
(bassist of Zeni Geva) laying down a primordial ooze under Higashi Hiroshi's
crazed electronics, all while Acid leader Kawabata Makoto offers further
proof that he's the cosmic love child of Hendrix and Sonny Sharrock.
Mountains crumble to sounds like these. Raise your devil fingers to the new