BLOW UP [april 2007]
Enrico Veronese
Rating: 7/8
(sorry for the poor translation)

The most noticed will remember Alessandro “Asso” Stefana like initiator of the lumière electrique, Italian duo of beginning millenium able to escape from the simple postrock’s approaches; for the majority of the public he is the guitarist “of” Vinicio Capossela and Marco Parente, present at the percussions of a solo debut that sees Stefana to sign for one prestigious American Indipendent, and to show not indifferent qualities also in the composition: we are from the parts rarefied and natural of the stations of mail in the old West, with the change of horses and the nights to the bivouac. Atmospheres that remember Vincent Gallo, Ronin or the Airportman, completely instrumental on which relief some special hosts: Marc Ribot gives body at “Poste e Telegrafi Blues”, Vincenzo Vasi plays bass in the ambient of “Western Soda”, Leo Abrahams (already with Brian Eno) at laptop guitars in “Fiori campionati”, while it is for entire sign by the author the track “Semi Tostati di Cielo”, that maintains how much postulates in the title it.
A light narcotic final, not scratch the beauty of a sure difficult disc, for sure equally perfumed.