RUMORE [may 2007]
Andrea Prevignano
Rating: 7/8
(sorry for the poor translation)

Seven songs that seem a longest undercarriage on the desolated America, an hallucinated dream in the desert, instrumental compositions dilated and cinematic where percussive instruments of the Aftrican tradition (kalimba and balaphon), chordophones typical of the (Afro)American (banjo and steel guitars), and some electronic instrument are mixing togheter.
Stefana has an incredible curriculum: from the lumière electrique (an album on indipendent label Wallace Records) to collaborations like guitarist for some Italian songwriters (Marco Parente, Emidio Clementi, Vinicio Capossela) and with the indie Italian scene (Goodmorningboy, Micevice) and with international musicians like Marc Ribot. This last one has participated to the realization of “Poste e Telegrafi”, that remembers the Ry Cooder of “Music For Alamo Bay” and its fascination for the desert, but also the Friends of Dean Martinez, last interpreters of the music of the great American frontiers.
Moving and reflexive in some its passages, but also strong and psychedelic.