David Fricke somehow failed to mention that
O True Believers came out on Important prior
to the licensed limited edition vinyl version:

James Blackshaw is a young English acoustic guitarist
whose first trips to the fifth-dimension intersection of antique
British and Yankee folk, plantation blues, Indian drone
and analog hum (harmonium, Farfisa organ) seeped out in
2005 on CD-R, in pressings of as little as eighty. Sunshrine/Celeste
and O True Believers (both on Bo’Weavil) are slightly less limited
editions, on twelve-inch vinyl, of Blackshaw’s shimmering
instrumental wanderlust. His rolling clusters of twelve-string rain
bear the vintage imprint of John Fahey and Robbie Basho, but
there is a more pronounced psychedelia in Blackshaw’s transportive
integration of sarod, tamboura, whispered timpani and twilight
ambience in the near-half-hour of “Sunshrine” and, on
O True Believers, the dawn-raga daydream
“The Elk With Jade Eyes."