Citay Citay (Important)

Wow, this is really something! One time drummer for our friends Piano Magic,
Ezra Feinberg spins his prog-folk-pop dreams across eight charmed tracks for his Citay debut. Along
with Tim Green’s keyboards, and guitar, Tim Soete’s backing vocals and 12-string guitar, and Lorrain
Rath’s flute; Ezra supplies acoustic and electric guitars, bass, organ, synthesizer, percussion, vibes,
vocals, and songs. Chiming mesmerizing melodic songs, that mix the organic and synthetic into a
seamlessly psychedelic whole. Thick glowing neon dual lead guitar lines blazing a trail somewhere
between Geddy Lee and Michael Rother, while Led Zep III bleeds through the wallpaper. The
unititiated listener could easily be excused for thinking this might be some lost early 70's masterpiece.

George Parsons
Dream Magazine #6