Diane Cluck
Macy's Day Bird/Black With Green Leaves
Important Records, 2006

NYC songstress Diane Cluck is like a feminine reflection of an earlier, quiet, acoustic Jandek, with a stunning voice that is beautiful and haunting at once.
This double CD reissues her 2001 debut and its 2002 followup EP, self-released by Cluck back then and tough to track down in original format now.
Sparse piano and guitar arrangements augment Cluck's engaging songs perfectly, and the care that went into these recordings is obvious. Like much of
Jandek's earlier work, the production conveys a sense of the artist being not just right in the room with the listener, but actually inside the listener's head.
An amazingly intimate release from one of the best songwriters I've ever come across.
- Chad Kelsey