robin crutchfield

the hidden folk


The title points to the album’s motif of mysteries lurking in the woods—poisonous trees, underground gnomes—and how this
stands as an alternate version of folk music. Crutchfield plays spellbinding instrumental music on the harp, lyre, psalteries,
tempura (a South Asian lute), and more, and the jittery nature of the music makes it impossible not to think of this in terms
both natural and mystical. Recorded “at the Treehouse,” it sounds like it was recorded deep in the woods by a wizard. Aiding
this are tracks such as “Insect Machines,” which emulates the sounds of insects burrowing, creaking, and crying. Other songs
make you wonder what creature you are listening to. The titles play a role, too; when someone tells me to “Mind the Dwarves,”
who am I not to heed their words? (