La Fever Lit

Once in a while we get to know a new phenomena in the world of music. Bands such as Volcano The Bear, Cerberus Shoal, Origami and others went ahead of them in making ungraspable music, but the mysterious company LARSEN from Italy is certainly one of those.

With every new record there is variation in their music yet still the band remains recognisable, due to their mysterious atmosphere.They keep up some side-projects as well; ( r ) and XXL ( or Xiu Xiu Larsen).

After their double live cd ABECEDA, on which they presented their music in their un-imitationable way, together with friends, LA FEVER LIT is their first studio recording in a long time. Their eightest recording in their 13 years of existence ( and …NO their debut is really no  longer available since years).

Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (guitar, electric violin), Marco Schiavo (drums, cymbals, glockenspiel), Paolo Dellapiana (accordeon, elektronics, electric piano, theremin) and Roberto Maria Clemente (guitar, bass) present with this recording their most outspoken music, with every now and then even some fat motorik and at the same time their most experimental work to date.

The last two tracks open with these aforementioned ingredients. But track 3 suddenly contains singing by Annie Anxiety Bandez or Little Annie. We get to hear her typical voice, full of character, in 3 of the 9 numbers. With this you get some real songs, dark ones for that, but nonetheless real songs. This is a real good adding to the excellent repertoire Larsen already has.

Next to this, the music gets a melancholic twist, as is often the case, by way of Julia Kent’s cello (Rasputina, Antony & The Johnsons, Devendra Banhart). By the way, for once she does some vocals as well.

The singing and the warm sound of the cello, as well as the more ‘composing’ Larsen, give the pieces a start and an ending.

Without ever sounding common by the way, the band remains too experimental and special to be common.

Dark ambient soundscapes, experimental postrock, classical elements, avant-garde and real songs go together in a wonderful way.

We get to hear Larsen from it’s most filmic, more sensitive side within their weird structures and this works excellently.

Compelling, mysterious and majestic new work!