Opening with a remix from Rune Grammofon’s lord of dark-ambient Deathprod is one way of making an impressive entry. It is a strategy that certainly works for Italian group Larsen, who throughout this ep explore a much more drone based sound than on previous works. Utilising the virtuoso cello talents of Antony and the Johnsons’ Julia Kent, this record takes on an almost Godspeed-like resonance, throwing down swathes of dense noise and minimal percussion into both of the unmixed tracks. Every moment on this generous 20 minute ep is worthwhile, from Deathprod’s smudged bass heavy mix through to the final piece, an epic eastern flavoured remix from Origami Galactica, an act making waves on the avant garde scene recently. This is an essential release for any fans of the darker side of post rock or the more organic side of drone and an exciting taster of Larsen’s forthcoming album due in early 2006.