This Boston band has been tearing up stereos like it's their destiny for a few years now. While line up changes and down time have kept these guys from full blown glory, Major Stars seems to be back on solid ground and ready to claim the crown of stoner rock kings.

Combining the two tracks from the 7" released late last year with four newly minted jams, Syntoptikon sees a new band hitting its stride. With a new full time singer in place (Sandra Barrett) the band has officially expanded to a sextet and is using every inch of their sound. As you'd expect, huge walls of Dinosaur Jr. influenced freak outs flow like wine. Your ears will swell with the sweet sounds of ripping guitar solos and monstrous riffs. It's all the great things about a jam band mixed with all the great things about 70's heavy rock.

The album hits you with all the weight of when you first realized your Dad actually listens to some good rock and roll. You know what I mean. That one Sunday morning when you were 12 and your Dad popped on Led Zeppelin or The Stones and something clicked in your head. You realized that this was the way rock was supposed to sound, that everything else is just trying to recapture that magic. Well, that's the kind of force Major Stars is putting out there. All they are asking from you is to sit back and soak it up.

Here's the thing, these six people aren't making huge leaps in terms of the advancement of their musical style. But their not trying to either. In a day when a lot of acts seem fixated on pushing boundaries and crossing lines between what is music and what is not, Major Stars just wants to rock. While it's easy to get caught up in the latest sound and the latest trend, these guys are finding out that it all comes full circle anyway. Now bands like The Sword and Early Man and grabbing press clips left and right… well, Major Stars have always been here. So get the album, turn up the volume, and get your best air guitar face on, because shit is about to get bananas.