Isle of Dark Magick has a chilling sense of dread about it, your always wondering what going to jump out of the strange improvised folksy come ritualistic creepy air. Over it’s 70 minutes, impressive audio textures are built up from droning Jews harp, harmonica, organ dread, voices, guitar and effects, perfectly primed for reading horror novel or late night wonderings.
On offer here are six tracks in ranging from just over five minutes going towards 20 minutes. Though the vibe remains mysterious and almost half formed musical melody begin then slide away, musical and sound elements appear then vanish. To add to the frankly sinister sound air, Odd half sounds appear and disappear that could be human or animal, or beast from out of our time (as Lovecraft would had said, I’m sure). But the thing is it doesn’t overdo or engulf you with it’s macabre air, much like HP Lovecaft again really and for a modern comparison I guess Blair witch project. Don’t be expected to be creeped out straight away, read into you sounds you own interpretation, join the dots together so to speak, see beyond what’s presented to you.

An enjoyable trip into audio dread, which will no doubt have the old ones the old ones tugging at the gate to our reality. Enter at your own peril, but remember to have your imagination plugged in.