Frenchwoman Eliane
Radigue (b. 1932) learned
from early electronic music
masters Pierre Henry and
Pierre Schaeffer in the late
‘50s. After study in NY and
California, Radique graduated
to magnetic tape, the
Arp synthesizer, and Buddhism.
She also embraced
minimalism, though a minimalism
very different from
Glass, Reich, (John) Adams,
and (Terry) Riley. From
1978, Triptych is a threepart,
60+ minutes of unhurriedly
paced, vividly
meditative set of soothingly undulating drones. For some folks, this disc might be like
listening to an electric fan (a very Zen fan, I might add) or an egg; for others, a serene
journey to the center of the Cosmic Whatsit within you, without you. If you enjoy
Brian Eno, Alvin Lucier, and similar purveyors of drone, or eavesdropping on flowers
embracing the morning sun, don’t miss—crank it up and chill.