eliane radigue


vice versa, etc…


Thanks to Important for putting these works on CD for the first time. French electronic music composer Radigue (born 1932) studied with Pierre Schaeffer and was Pierre Henry’s assistant, then moved to and was influenced by Minimalism. The final ingredients were the ARP 2500 Synthesizer and Buddhism. The 61-minute Triptych (1978) was her first Buddhism-influenced piece, a quiet and meditative work where the dynamics and texture slowly ebb and flow: there’s no melody, barely harmony (certainly no chord progressions), and the simplest sort of rhythm (pulsation). It’s subtle drone music that sounds great if you pay careful attention to its glacial development.

            Vice-Versa, etc… (1970), made before she acquired her synth, was constructed using feedback and tape looping and issued in an extremely limited run of just 10 stereo tapes with instructions that it was to be listened to either listening to the separate sides of the stereo track or combining them; Important allows us to sort of recreate that (we can’t vary the playback speed as we could with tape) by giving us those options on disc one plus all of them backwards on disc two; if you’ve got two stereos at home, hours of recombinant-drone listening are available to you. (