While a lot of singers are painful exhibionists, Rivulets daydreamer
Nathan Amundson appears to be singing just for himself. In a room lit
by candlelight, maybe a straw of incense around, alone with his
guitar. It's the feeling you get from "You Are My Home". Loneliness,
warmth and a sense of longing, hence the album title.

Amundson's chief inspiration seems to be Nick Drake, his vocal style
as soothing and modest, like he'd never want his voice to leave his
bedroom. That's only the voice though and during 'Can't I Wonder' when
the musical climax enters, you start to wonder wether he's a more
ambitious man than one might think.

While this new album is released on the impressive Important label,
the first two Rivulets albums were put out on Low's Chairkicker Union
label, the music borrowing a lot of Low's slowpaced intensity. The
album's titletrack and the following "Heartless" explore similar
haunted vibes, Amundson's vocals achieving a Low-like pastoral feel.
Clearly Low's influence still lingers in the background.

With the assistance of Jessica Bailiff, cellist Fred Lonberg, whose
mesmerising playing regularly pushes "You Are My Home" into deep
melancholic trenches, Amundson is able to create an impressive slab of
haunted folkpop. Sometimes, that's exactly what you need.

Joris Heemskerk, Foxy Digitalis