aQuarius recOrds # New Arrivals #317 / USA / April 2009

Ok, look. Drone records are hard to review. They're drones. Some are better than others (dronier?)
but what do you say to make that case? Especially when, in trying to do so, your mind is being lulled
and numbed and otherwise not wanting to think and type thoughts. You want to join with the drone,
not describe and analyze it. So, if we say that this collaboration between Strings of Consciousness and
Angel is a damn good drone record, then maybe you should just take our word for it, whaddya say?
Or let the glowing green, desolate atmospheric artwork of Seldon Hunt, in which this is housed, convince
you. Or the folks involved - Angel, who have other albums we've recommended, is in part the project of Ilpo
Vaisanen of Pan Sonic, while the experimental ensemble Strings Of Consciousness includes French laptopper
Philippe Petit who runs the Bip-Hop label (not to be confused with the insane tightrope walking Philippe
Petit from the documentary Man On A Wire!).

But of course you want further details. Well... there's two tracks here. Long ones, of course. 22:03 and 18:41.
The first track is the more spacious, slowly shimmering drone piece, featuring the cello of Iceland's Hildur
Gudnadottir, along with other strings - harp, double bass, guitars... plus harmonium, accordion, and the
added abstraction of electronics, effects, and oscillators. Gentle rhythms manifest, and melodies seep in. It

builds into an ominous physical presence, the volume increasing, buzzing smoothly like a swarm of non-so-
angry bees before the end. Quite glorious.

The second track seems as layered and organic, but more intimate. Instead of chamber strings, the "acoustic"
element is limited to accordion and resonating Tibetan bowls. Along with guitars... and again plenty of electronics
and effects. More "crinkly" and clanky than the first track, with mysterious rattle and rustle amidst a mix of
soothing electronic washes and rather more corroded-sounding digitalized drones. But like we said, we're to
busy being mesmerized by this music to really break it all down for you. We just know, we like it!