Vanishing Voice 8 (weird)
Stone Tablet
Important Records
So, my girlfriend dumped me on the subway about three hours ago and
I'm trying to review yet another album by a bunch of Brooklyn
youngsters masquerading as some lost Kraut commune with a penchant for
Trad Gras and a hard on for Manson's Family jams without wanting to
break the clear, red vinyl in two. She won't pick up her phone or
return my emails and it looks like after eight or so loving but
relatively tumultuous months, this thing is done. I have to turn this
off and listen to Steely Dan instead. We weren't even fighting about
anything worthwhile and it's come to this. Fuck.
A little over a day later and I'm meeting her for a drink in half an
hour. Still looks like it's over, albeit on better terms. Side two of
this is actually pretty damn dense and heavy. Good drums. Killer.