Boomkat says about XBXRX's Sounds:

"XBXRX have shaken off their punk-inspired roots for this all-improv album for Important records. The band's ferocity and energy levels are suitably primed with plenty of incendiary moments dotted throughout the album, but there's a good deal of texture and nuance to this music too: after the machine gun drumming and processed distortion of 'Infancy Of Millions Pt.1' along comes the more measured 'Asymbol', decked out with bowed percussion and oscillator modulations. At times you'll think your listening to Sunburned Hand Of The Man warming up for a night at the Proms (check out the freeform piano and marimba psychedelics of 'Infancy Of Millions Pt.2'), while at others you might think Carlos Giffoni just crashed a Supersilent concert, as on noise barrage 'RA Rata'. While the idea of a rock band going entirely improv might sound like a potentially rather one dimensional affair, XBXRX have done a remarkable job of cramming a seemingly endless supply of avant-garde ideas into their music without having to abandon their high voltage fury. Excellent."