XXL Spicchiology?
Important Records

While Xiu Xiu continue on their wild ride with smaller and bigger records and other weird stuff (like the latest collection of remixes) and while Larsen are busy as well (see the latest release of Musm II), here's the second part of the weird collaboration between the italian band and Jamie Stewart and Caralee Mc Elroy.
Even this time everything works perfectly. Even if "works" doesn't really explain all the hidden emotions buried here. As the authors explains in the notes, there's less romanticism and more terrorism here as the main motive.
Besides historical references, we find Jamie closer than ever to the whispered screams of Mark Hollis.
But the music is different, nothing to do with Talk Talk, even if some post rock shadows rise here and there in the whole record.
And also some really weird moments, like the waves and movements of the Spicchiology sources (a bonus cd that comes with the first 1000 copies of the record).
Not to mention the powerful crescendo of King of koalas or the cold and still glitch of Last in the society.
Suggested to people with guts, sensitive souls and larger sizes.

Rossano Lo Mele
Rumore # 186/187, July/August 2007