Kouhei Matsunaga & Asmus Tietchens

Split - Linocut



Edition of 43 packaged in 5 color lino-cut cover print. Signed & numbered.

Limited edition split 12" curated by Kouhei Matsunaga. Side A features two new tracks from the legendary
German sound artist Asmus Tietchens. Side B features two new pieces from Kouhei Matsunaga. 500 copies. First
100 copies are on color vinyl.

Last summer Important released some highly praised records with Kouhei Matsunaga including a collaborative
CD with Sean Booth (Autechre) and Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic), a split LP with Mika Vainio and a full length
CD of his own solo work. The breath and quality of Kouhei's work was apparent across these three releases
and his compositions for this split LP serve to create connections between his beat based work and his more
abstract soundscapes. Kouhei's most recent solo work was just released by Skam.

Asmus Tietchen's contributions to contemporary electronic music is immense. The two pieces making up his side
of the record have been sculpted from stochastic sequences of pure sine waves as well as guitar samples given
to him by Dirk Serries (Fear Falls Burning) not for the purpose of collaboration but for processing purposes.
Sonic events orchestrated by a sonic master.

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