18 Years Of Larsen On IMPREC

18 Years Of Larsen On IMPREC

Since 1995 Larsen, from Torino Italy, has released 18 full-length albums and 4 eps, which got remarkable worldwide press, and performed all over Europe, UK and North America. 
Collaborations with such artists as Johann JohannssonMichael GiraMartin BisiLustmordDeathprodNurse With WoundZ'EVBaby DeeJulia Kent, sci-fi icon Christine Schell plus the project- a band in itself- XXL (aka Xiu Xiu Larsen) also stand out on their record.

In 2008 legendary dub-diva Little Annie (a.k.a. Annie Anxiety Bandez) joined the band as lead singer and lyricist appearing on La Fever Lit and Cool Cruel Mouth and live on stage on the related tours.

2016 sees the band representing itself as an instrumental unit with a new album Of Grog Vim (featuring special guest Thor Harris from Swans). A new Larsen EP Tiles featuring Annie and a new XXL Puff O'Gigio album came out in late 2018.

The late Larsen album Arrival Vibrate, tribute to their friend Z'EV and featuring a remix by John Duncan, was released in October 2019 on Cassauna to which the soundtrack A Chronicle to the photo book Meiwo by Jacopo Benassi followed as winner of the Witty-Books “Ear-Eye” 2021 award.

Hardly classifiable, strange and cold as well as intoxicating. A captivating listening
experience for open minded music lovers" Dark Entries

";Strange and intoxicating in its mixture of minimal music and trace amounts of post-punk, drone, industrial, ambient, noise. It’s what what Steve Reich would’ve produced if he had been into leather jackets and guitar-driven music back in the 60s" Everything Is Noise

"Larsen fly high thanks to their talent in experimenting. The melodies weaved by the
various instruments are captivating and enjoyable. Never conventional. A somber
atmosphere pierced by dazzling flashes of light” Muzzart

"Breathtaking" Pitchfork

"Larsen are irrefutable"
The New Noise



LLL features Larsen along with frequent collaborators Johann Johannsson, Baby Dee & Julia Kent. Recorded live in Italy and Austria.

Incredibly deluxe screen printed jackets on heavy duty board stock. Printed by Neil Burke at Monoroid in an edition of 500. First 100 records are on white vinyl. An essential Important artifact and document of this incredible band live.

LLL is an LP only live release, a companion to Larsen's new full length La Fever Lit.



CD/DVD set in deluxe packaging w/ custom die cut slip case & 20 page full color booklet. DVD contains Karel Teige's original ABECEDA and Larsen & Friend's entire performance with the film material cleverly edited in. CD contains the audio recordings of the performance; Larsen featuring David Tibet, Johann Johannson, Julia Kent & Baby Dee.

LARSEN & Alessandro Sciaraffa
Golden Leaf

Golden Leaf is the 19th album by the Italian experimental band Larsen here exploring free-form sounds and spatial dynamics by real-time composing and creating a sonic and social environment. 
It also confirms the love and interest the band has for collaborations as ongoing dialogues and portals to new paths.

"Little noises and whispers in constant balance between dark ambient, industrial
soundscapes, tribalism and sound installation, for contemporary art lovers as well as for fans of Sunn O)))" Suffissocore

"An album based on the concept of the mutability and uniqueness of sound. A vivid matter born from the masterful juxtaposition of analog and digital. A picture capturing the excellent performative skills by Larsen & Alessandro Sciaraffa. An intense, rarefied and mesmerizing alchemical rite"  Mario Ariano, Radioaktiv|

"Deep penetrating music for all the senses" Underdog Fanzine

"Enveloping and mesmerizing" Music Map

"A rich and innovative sound world, a top notch fascinating experimental album"
Luminous Dash

“A very intense, continuous and ever shifting improvised flux, a sonic spectacle that is
worth surrendering to” Johan Giglot, Da Music

“An awe-inspiring sonic maelström” Rumore
“Seductive, atmospheric, dense, detailed” Rockerilla

"A captivating drone-oriented sound experience" Gonzo Circus

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3C7B3BBEF59F4DB7


Larsen's HMKE contains a Deathprod remix and an Origami Galaktika remix of two new Larsen tracks. The remaining two tracks are unremixed Larsen originals unavailable elsewhere and featuring their beloved cellist Julia Kent (also of Antony & the Johnsons).
The second track M, a Larsen original, will be available on the forthcoming Larsen album SeieS, but as a Lustmord/Larsen collaboration and not in this original form. HMKE offers Larsen fans a unique opportunity to see into the next Larsen album through the interpretations of two in-demand remixers.

Of Grog Vim

Of Grog Vim is a cinematic take on the epic life of visionary legend Grog Vim.

This is the 15th album from Italian cult band, Larsen, who represent a meeting point between sound art and post-rock.

After two albums deeply marked by the smoky voice of singer Little Annie, Of Grog Vim is the first fully instrumental album to be released by the band since they started 20 years ago and features special guest multi-instrumentalist Thor Harris (Swans) on trombone on two pieces.


To say that Larsen is mysterious or elusive is an understatement. They are are so elusive, in fact, that Micheal Gira of The Swans/Angels Of Light fame once said of Larsen, "I worked intimately with the band for three weeks, but I never saw their faces." Perhaps the finest description of their sound came from a perceptive, if not overly wordy, Italian music journalist who described them as an 'Italian-cult-collective-urban-folk-ritual-experimental soundscape-wall of love band.'” It’s all true.

Larsen’s sound is equally as ambiguous as any attempt to describe them, imagine elements of Einsturzende NeubautenSwans, Barbez, Six Organs of Admittance, Vibracathedral Orchestra and Godspeed, You Black Emperor!. Play, the brilliant new album, sounds like all of these influences processed through the Larsen main brain on heavy doses of Autechre. Yes, Autechre. Really.


Ciautistico! is the debut album from XXL (Xiu Xiu Larsen), a collaboration between the Italian experimental cult band Larsen and James Stewart's mutated pop project Xiu Xiu. Both groups consider their joint, creative clash as a new band in itself, more than just an occasional collaboration as it has been already proved by the successful sold out theater performances in Italy by XXL.


Following Larsen's critically and (relatively) commercially successful full length Play on Important we bring you SeieS. This full length is housed in a deluxe Important Records cardboard gatefold sleeve printed on matte paper to look almost as good as it sounds.

Musm II

Originally released as a limited edition CD for Larsen's US tour in 2003, and then re-issued one year later on vinyl.

Finally, Important Records is making it officialy available in a new, revised and expanded version with 6 extra tracks and brand new artwork. Musm II includes all the non-album tracks that Larsen have released since their first full length. No Arms, No Legs, Identification Problems was recorded and produced by Martin Bisi in 1996, and now almost impossible to find. It is represented here by 2 ambient tracks and a brand new edit of some sounds from that album. Also included are 4 previously unreleased mixes from the album Rever (produced by Michael Gira), the award winning soundtrack of some short silent animated movies by Winsor McCay, compilation tracks, collaborations with Julia Kent (Antony and The Johnsons) and an odd version of Syd Barrett's Vegetable Man.

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