Alessandro Cortini Forse 1 Repress & Shirt Box


We're collecting pre-orders for a reprint of Alessandro Cortini's Forse t-shirt box.

The Forse shirt box sold out immediately when we first offered it. This time around nobody will be shut out. 

Also available for pre-order is a much needed repress of Cortini's Forse 1 double LP with a color vinyl portion exclusively for Imprec mailorder. 

Alessandro Cortini
Forse 1-3 
Shirt box

Limited edition reprint available in all sizes. 

- 3 color screen printed t-shirts
- Packaged in a screen printed Forse box

Alessandro Cortini 
Forse 1 

Ltd. repress including 100 copies on red splatter vinyl

Alessandro Cortini
Forse 1

4 color screen print. Designed, signed, numbered and titled by John Brien. 
Measures: 24" x 24"
Edition: 50 

Alessandro Cortini
Forse 3
Edition of 250 on RED VINYL. 

2015 factory mis-press on red vinyl instead of purple vinyl. 

Alessandro Cortini
Forse 1-4

Packaged in matte coated digipacks housed in a heavy duty tip-on style outer box.

2021 digital master by Stephan Mathieu.

Composed using only an original Buchla Music Easel, an incredibly rare electronic music instrument designed by Don Buchla, the Forse series features long, romantic compositions full of voluminous, bombastic tones and dripping with thick timbre.

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