Harry Bertoia 1968 Diamond Chairs T Shirt & Last Copies of Third Man 11 LP Box Set

We're now shipping a brand new Harry Bertoia/Sonambient t-shirt based on a striking design originally done for Knoll Furniture by Massimo Vignelli in 1968. 

Also in stock, and being offered for the first time, is a handful of both black & gold editions of our Sonambient/Third Man Complete Collection 11 LP set. These LP remasters sound amazing and this box set is the only way to hear Bertoia's selections on vinyl as the original 70's pressings are notorious for poor sound. When these are gone they'll be gone for good. 

We're continuing to wait on reprints of our Pauline Oliveros t-shirt and Cortini Forse Shirt box sets. Thank you for your patience.

(Please note that Imprec shipping will be closed next week. If you are planning an order and would like it to ship promptly it may be wise to get an order in now. We'll be shipping all day Friday and then the shipping office will be closed April 3-7.)
Harry Bertoia 
Diamond Chairs 1968
T Shirt
  This three color print is based on Massimo Vignelli's 1968 Bertoia design for Knoll Furniture. 

Printed by Monoroid.
Harry Bertoia 
Complete Sonambient Collection
Gold vinyl: $300.00
Black vinyl: $200.00
CD: $98.00

Last copies of sold out Third Man 11 LP box set still available  

Harry Bertoia
Hints Of Things To Come

In 1970 Harry Bertoia had been developing his sonic sculptures for over ten years. He had only been composing/recording for two years and the four long pieces chosen for this CD find him starting to arrive at the sonic forms he had been searching for.

Hints Of Things To Come is one of the most unique and melodic pieces discovered so far in the Bertoia tape archive. In this piece we hear him slowly create and articulate a musical riff.  Bertoia builds this phrase patiently until the composition reaches an intense climax where the riff is played heavily and distinctly......

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