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Eleh - Homage 3x CD

Eleh - Homage 3x CD

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Important Records is proud to present Eleh's Homage series, remastered and on CD for the first time. Certain frequency combinations that were impossible to cut on LP are effectively presented in this digital edition. Packaged in a heavy duty 6 panel fold out jacket with inner printing and a matte finish.

25" x 25"  5-color Homage screen prints are available for $20

Eleh, an artist who flourishes in restraint, uses a reduced sonic vocabulary to highlight delicate intricacies in a logical path toward harmonious satisfaction. The organization of hypnotic square waves, rippling sine waves and triangle/saw tooth waveforms is a discourse in the infinity, rather than the limits of reduction. By employing a natural practice of balanced interpretation, Eleh enables an individual reaction free of the clutter of white noise.


Homage To the Square Wave:

1. Black

2. Blue + White

Homage To the Sine Wave:

1. Together We Are One

2. Beneath the Silver Sun

Homage To The Pointed Waveforms:

1. Madrid

2. Reflection 1

3. Reflection 2


"Eleh's music electrifies whatever space it engages. With the flip of a switch, it exposes the ways in which all space is, potentially, electric." ~ Frieze

"Nuances of sound turn symphonic." ~ New York Times

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