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Else Marie Pade - Electronic Works 1958-1995 - 3LP/2CD

Else Marie Pade - Electronic Works 1958-1995 - 3LP/2CD

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2016 Repress! - Exclusive transparent yellow vinyl for Imprec mailorder customers while supplies last.

Else Marie Pade's Electronic Works 1958-1995 is pressed on a heavy-duty three LP set, in an addition of 500. Restoration, mastering and the cut were done by the watchful ears of curator Jacob Kirkegaard at Dubplates in Berlin. This is the first time these monumental works are presented on audiophile grade heavy-duty vinyl where they belong.

"The sounds outside became concrete music, and in the evening I could imagine that the stars and the moon and the sky uttered sounds and those turned into electronic music." ~ Else Marie Pade

Else Marie Pade (born 1924 in Aarhus, Denmark; currently living in Copenhagen) is a precious golden gem in the world of contemporary electro-acoustic music. She is a true pioneer of Musique Concrete and electronic music recorded on tape. She is Denmarks first lady of electronic music and her piece Syc Cirkler (Seven Circles) became Denmark's first electronic piece to be performed on the radio.

EMP's search for sound began in early childhood when she was isolated in her bed for long periods of time due to illness. There she would lie and listen to the sounds around her just as she did years later when she was imprisoned for spying on Nazi compounds in Arhus. Once released from prison she became a piano student at the Royal Danish Conservatory in Copenhagen, but chose to instead pursue the nuances of her inner sound world after hearing Pierre Schaeffer in 1952. She began studying with him not too soon thereafter. Her first electronic composition premiered in 1955.


Disc 1:

. Prolog i Himlen (4:18)
.. Faust & Mefisto (6:59)
... Faust & Margrethes Kærlighed (7:20)
.... Margrethes Fordømmelse (4:13)
..... Rejsen til Bloksbjerg og Valborgsnat (8:25)
...... Epilog (4:47)

2. LYD & LYS (4:43)2

3. SYV CIRKLER (7:17)

4. ETUDE (5:33)

Disc 2:

. Himmelrummet (6:53)
.. Havkongens Slot (7:06)
... Alfeland (6:10)
.... Kong Vinter (6:09)



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