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Alessandro Cortini & Lawrence English "Immediate Horizon" LP

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First pressing of 500 copies. 200 clear vinyl copies are available exclusively for Imprec mailorder.  

Having become mutual admirers of each others work; English of Cortini’s Sonno and Cortini of English’s Wilderness Of Mirrors, the pair were very pleased to receive an invitation to collaborate together. 
Following a number of months exchanging compositional ideas and materials, Cortini and English met in Berlin several days ahead of the festival and commenced an intense period of rehearsal and arrangement. The resulting piece, Immediate Horizon, traces their shared interests in harmony and texture. It is a work that meditates on saturation and the ruptures that occur when harmonic elements are stacked. Immediate Horizon’s five pieces swell and burst in a perpetual sense of pulse. 
This LP is a live recording, made at the premiere of the piece, held at Kraftwerk in Berlin. 

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