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Henry Jacobs - The Weird Wide World of Henry Jacobs/The Fine Art of Goofing Off - CD/DVD

Henry Jacobs - The Weird Wide World of Henry Jacobs/The Fine Art of Goofing Off - CD/DVD

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"During a house renovation in Mill Valley a couple of years ago, a stash of reel-to-reel tapes and 45s was discovered beneath the floorboards. Caked in grime, the collection found its way to nearby resident Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto, whose own large sound archive included several records released by the owner of the collection: Henry Jacobs. Remarkably preserved for all the exposure to the elements, the more than eighty tapes chronicle wild collaborations with close friend and theologian Alan Watts, San Francisco soundscapes, riffs with Ken Nordine, fictitious radio spots, warped tabla beats, feedback mayhem, hipster parodies, and goof conversations. In collaboration with Henry Jacobs, Jack Dangers has selected, restored, sequenced and mastered this audio stew into a seamless travelogue. Equipped with a reel-to-reel, a microphone, and insatiable curiosity, Jacobs created a breathtakingly original approach that deserves to be appreciated by a much wider audience.

"Concerning the Henry Jacobs’ archival tapes, the several of them found underneath Henry’s old house in Mill Valley, you should know that Sandy, which is Henry’s nickname, has tapes hidden away in many places, usually along long stretches of inaccessible beaches, hence his nick name. The fact that this set of tapes was found under one of his houses and not along along beach is a deviation from the norm, one that history will thank you for." ~ Ken Nordine, Father of Word Jazz

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