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J D Emmanuel - Trance-Formations 1: Ancient Minimal Meditations - Tape

J D Emmanuel - Trance-Formations 1: Ancient Minimal Meditations - Tape

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Fans of deep, dark, minimal & meditative new age music on cassette will be chuffed to learn that IMPREC is reissuing three of J D Emmanuel's earliest releases on tape. 
Rain Forest Music (1981), Wizards (1982) and Trance Formations 1: Ancient Minimal Meditations (1986) are all available for the first time in many years...

A bundle including a Wizards t-shirt and all 3 tapes is available exclusively for IMPREC mailorder. 


"If you have been wondering what all the fuss about 'private press new age' is, go here to find out. Your mind shall be subtly blown...." ~ Fader

Trance-Formations 1: Ancient Minimal Meditations (1986) was originally composed between 1981-1985 and released in 1986.  These long, extended cyclic pieces were composed and recorded using delayed analog synthesizers and Emmanuel credits the inspiration of Terry Riley and Steve Reich for sending him in this musical direction. The release of this album followed his acclaimed Wizards (1982).

Recorded using three Sequential Circuits Pro-One synthesizers and a Yamaha SK-20 Poly-Synthesizer. 100% analog sound. Mastered by JD Emmanuel.

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