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Jacob Kirkegaard - Black Metal Square - LP (edition. 100)

Jacob Kirkegaard - Black Metal Square - LP (edition. 100)

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- PRE-ORDER  - Will ship well in advance of a June 21 release date.  

Limited edition of 100. Hand numbered. Packaged in a black sleeve with a screen printed sheet affixed to the cover.

Scroll past the Soundcloud link for more info....


Three freely hanging black metal plates:

50x50x005cm, 75x75x005cm & 100x100x005cm

Piezo sensor and contact speaker attached on rear side of plate, amplifying and mirroring its subtle and naturally occurring vibrations, evoking its characteristic resonant frequencies .

Jacob Kirkegaard © 2015 - 2019

Et sic in infinitum, Robert Fludd, 1617

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