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Lambda Sond - Waglands 1921 - Tape

Lambda Sond - Waglands 1921 - Tape

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"Succinct sounds, stately atmospherics, affected instrumentation & synthetic chamber music. Eclectic ambient music of the highest order..." Slow Music Movement

"Beautifully nostalgic, brooding pearls of puckered melody and cinematic synth gaze from the lesser spotted Lambda Sond, gracing Important with a real lowkey gem tipped to followers of Alessandro Cortini, Kali Malone or Pauline Oliveros. Don't sleep on it until you've got one of these and then let it color your dreams..." Boomkat

Waglands 1921 is a quiet, intense and deeply personal new collection from Lambda Sond....

Waglands 1921 exists in a vacuum somewhere between Pauline Oliveros, spiritual jazz, analog drone & heavy new age. Unlike the first two Lambda Sond cassettes on the Cassauna label, (2011’s Chronological Compression & 2014’s Chronological Compression II) this work is characterized by unrepeated melodies, unforgettably understated harmonies, timeless drones and feelings made musical.

This poetic music contains vignettes of emotion, memory and melancholy that are as uplifting, hopeful and grounding as a deep breath. Waglands 1921 exists at the verge of inspiration where hesitation is withheld and truths are articulated once but felt forever.

Waglands 1921 is Lambda Sond’s first recording for IMPREC and their self titled album will be available in 2022.

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