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Flaherty/Corsano/Yeh - A Rock In the Snow - CD

Flaherty/Corsano/Yeh - A Rock In the Snow - CD

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Together Chris Corsano and Paul Flaherty have re-written the concept of modern free-jazz with their post-hardcore punk style approach of euphoric togetherness. Ferocious, spontaneous, explosive and aggressively lyrical, they've established their groundbreaking duo with loads of shows and a host of tremendous recordings.

When tales of C. Spencer Yeh's Burning Star Core project reached Corsano/Flaherty, the duo were eager to see him jam. Fortunately, fate brought them together at the DeStijl/Freedom From festival where Corsano/Flaherty were playing in the Dream/Aktion Unit (with Thurston Moore) while Yeh was there with Burning Star Core. His performance caught the Corsano/Flaherty duo on fire and Yeh's temperature was raised (literally) when he suddenly came down with the flu following his show. Fortunately for Yeh, Flaherty packed him in ice down in the festival hall basement and a solid relationship was forged. Lives were saved. Jams ensued. The power trio of Flaherty/Corsano/Yeh was formed. Liner notes by John Olson aka Johnny Coors.


1. We Have To Check Your Equipment For Bombs

2. Do You Have Any Prurient Releases?

3. Dirty Firetrucker

4. Sixteen Waltzes In Seventeen Seconds

5. Swamp-Like Heartache


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