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Master Musicians of Bukkake - Further West Quad Cult - LP

Master Musicians of Bukkake - Further West Quad Cult - LP

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* Color vinyl warehouse find

Forseen years ago by the inclusion of a secret extra pocket in the Far West packaging, Master Musicians have created and brought fourth a painstakingly crafted complimentary LP for synced playback with their 2013 release Far West. With 2 turntables or other playback devices you can playback a fully unique quad experience. Further West shows off deeper journeys into the cave where we can dissolve ourselves.

Further West also stands alone as an inverted yugified universe from the Far West cannon. Liquid synth journeys into the void. We invite you to enjoy it either way.

All Tracks dubbed and manipulated from Far West Source Material. Additional sound design and synths by Randall Dunn and Timm Mason. All music by Master Musicians of Bukkake.

Produced Recorded and Mixed by: Randall Dunn at Avast Studios.

Includes fold out poster from photographer Alison Scarpulla.


1. Return To White Mountain

2. Where Apollo Meets Delphi

3. The Original Argument

4. Bodies Dissolved, Blood Flows

5. The Circle Is Binding

6. Where Louis Meets Clark

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