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Emiliano Romanelli - Tabulatura Vol. 2 - Tape

Emiliano Romanelli - Tabulatura Vol. 2 - Tape

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release date: May 5, 2023

“Tabulatura” is a 2008 indeterminate composition for sixteen pre-recorded guitar parts and computer with custom software. It is conceived as a system to generate different acoustic patterns. 

The “Volume 2” documents eight pieces recorded live at Palazzo Castagna, Città Sant'Angelo, Italy, in November 2020. The album was recorded on two-track, directly on hard drive, without DSP and overdubs.

Emiliano Romanelli (b. 1979) is an Italian musician with a background in visual art. His work includes sound installation, live performance and composition. His recordings are published by Terziruolo, Cassauna and Senufo Editions. Romanelli has been co-founder of the duo Tu m' (1998–2011).
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