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Order Consolidation


If you don't live in North America you can have your orders from other North American record labels shipped to us to be consolidated with your Important Records order.  
When you check out at the Important site select the CONSOLIDATION option in our shopping cart. This lets us know that we should merge your orders. You can also mention this in the COMMENT section of the shopping cart or send an email to mailorder at importantrecords dot com to let Maurice know about the consolidation.

Our location on the East coast puts us in a very good spot to consolidate your orders from all over North America.

Consolidation address: 

PO Box 121
Groveland, MA 01834

Overseas postage for one LP has gone up to $20. If you are ordering single LPs from two labels & an LP from Important that's going to be $60 of postage. When we consolidated your orders your overseas shipping bill from Important will be around $26. By paying domestic shipping rates at other labels you'll be saving around $14 shipping per LP.

Of course, this option is in it's infancy and there is the potential for problems that we'll need to work out together.

What if your items from another label are damaged or lost in the consolidated package? We use custom mailers that have built in protection to eliminate corner dings from normal transit. It requires an unusual amount of force to damage the LPs in these mailers but it's possible. We will continue to provide the same generous service for IMPREC releases lost or damaged in transit but we can not accept responsibility for damage or loss to records from other labels. 



Last week the United States Post Office increased the cost of postage for all export packages. Thus, we've come up with a few solutions:

1. We're waiving the "packaging materials and materials weight" fee for one year.
You may have noticed this fee during the checkout process. This fee covers not just the cost of our special LP mailers but also the postage weight of the LP mailer. Starting tomorrow this fee will be waived for all export customers.

2. We will be randomly including discount codes with overseas shipments.
We're letterpress printing discount coupons to be included in select export packages. We'll be shipping out lots of them so it's likely that you'll receive one in your order from Important. These codes will not be broadcast over the internet and will be for export customers only.

3. Order more music!
The cost of ordering one record has increased but the more records you include in your order the more normal the postage rates become. The same goes for shirts, prints and CDs.

4. Do you have any friends in America?
If you do perhaps they would be willing to consolidate your orders?

5. We're your American friends.
It's nice to have friends.
If you're ordering records from another U.S. label ask them to ship your order to us and we'll consolidate your orders here for you and ship everything together. You can arrange this by emailing Maurice via We're happy to do this for you.

6. Pay attention to our Facebook & Twitter feeds for sale and discount code announcements.
If you already follow Important you know that we occasionally offer heavily discounted bulk sales on back catalog titles as well as discount codes that are active for short periods of time. Currently, we have a 25% off discount code floating around both Twitter and Facebook. Scroll through our accounts to find them.