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FM3 Buddha Machine

FM3 Buddha Machine

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A unique 'soundbox' from China, which is causing a sensation worldwide. A totally dazzling item which causes jaw-dropping delight everywhere - Alan Bishop bought twenty-four of these on sight, Brian Eno bought eight (how's that for apocalyptic math?). FM3 are a duo of Christiaan Virant and Chinese keyboardist and computer musician Zhang Jian - based in Beijing.

The Buddha Machine is a hardware loop player, built kind of like a little AM radio (available in 6 different colors, shipped randomly), but without all the nonsense - total genius from out of nowhere. It's a small soundbox made in China which comes with an integrated speaker, a volume control, mini jack-out and a switch to choose between nine different loops which are stored on a small chip and can be directly played by this mini sound system.