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Tony Rolando - Breakin' Is A Memory - LP

Tony Rolando - Breakin' Is A Memory - LP

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"A source of sonic emotional relief and enlightenment" Alessandro Cortini

"Compelling, deftly pulsating new age kosmiche from instrument builder Tony Rolando...." Boomkat

"Classic synth sounds that show off the ecstacy of looping..." Resident Advisor

Tony Rolando's debut "Breakin' Is A Memory" could be your soundtrack. This worldbuilding album of electronic music leaves room for the listener to make big personal connections through subtly complex music resembling a sonic mobile which, as it spins, reveals new forms and colors......

This is a collection of very human music with deceptive simplicity and relaxed intensity. The listener gets the feeling that only the instrument designer could play with such flexible expression, unencumbered by the electronic element. This is cleverly assembled music that you want to flip over and play again, like Rolando's recent cassette on Imprec's Cassauna label.

As with all Imprec vinyl releases, great care has been taken to ensure that this is a high-quality pressing with low noise floor and loads of sonic detail.

On "Breakin' is a Memory" Tony Rolando invites the listener on tiny adventures questing insignificant treasures. Minimal percussion only suggests rhythm, allowing your mind to wander the crystalline lattices Tony weaves from handfuls of simple arpeggios. Soft analog bass frequencies make your travels more comfortable and the Strega instrument, a recurring recognizable character, is there to lead when you are too lost. The pace of "Breakin' is a Memory" oscillates from restless roadway motion to meditative exploration. The record closes with a celebratory decimation of the graphic memories of these tiny adventures. Play it again to rekindle them.

For more than a decade, Tony Rolando has composed electricity into musical instruments at Make Noise. When he collaborated with Alessandro Cortini in 2019 to create the Strega instrument, the experience rekindled Tony's love of composing and recording music. In 2021 he released "Old Cool Echoes" with IMPORTANT Records/ Cassauna. A third release of music composed entirely for the Shared System instrument he designed will follow later this year.

RIYL: Early OPN, Alessandro Cortini, Caterina Barbieri, Tangerine Dream

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