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Akhira Sano - Penetrating, For Filtration - C60 - Cassette

Akhira Sano - Penetrating, For Filtration - C60 - Cassette

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Akhira Sano's  Penetrating, For Filtration was manufactured on C60 Super Ferro tape for a low noise floor, high output, and an incredible warm sound. Packaged in a purple tinted case with silver shimmer printing. 

Japan's Akhira Sano is a young master of slow, ambient, electro new age music. His compositions are highly organic, growing and flowing with great patience and care. But, like in nature, imperfections and incidentals are allowed to evolve producing sublimely primal and imperfect music. In a world where everything can be made perfect, Sano's work is deliciate, shimmering and electric; abolishing and preserving time simultaneously. 

Sano creates painterly music (he is also a painter) based on the themes of error and constraint. He is a visionary sonic architect who sees his musical structures as incomplete; always unfinished. His debut on Sun Ark Records in 2019 was very well received and his demo for Imprec was immediate and compelling. Lose yourself in these two long tape sides on the second official release from Akhira Sano. 

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