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Alina Kalancea - Letters Never Sent - CD

Alina Kalancea - Letters Never Sent - CD

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Release date: 6.23.23 
Highly recommended to fans of Alessandro Cortini, Caterina Barbieri, Shasta Cults

"A slow building beauty of electronic soundscapes."
The Vinyl District

Alina Kalancea is a sonic alchemist who can warp and weave electronic signals into complex tapestries of synthesized analog timbre. These transportive environments were recorded using the artist's personal collection of historic Buchla electronic music instruments including Allen Strange's expanded Music Easel.

Letters Never Sent, Alina Kalancea's second full length for Imprec follows 2021's double LP titled Impedance and is being released at the same time as a new cassette titled Alchemy.

Kalancea's music has the ability to evoke both emotion and image; feeling and landscape; passion and place. She described recording Letters Never Sent as being like collecting images that are born in your mind. Shades of sound, tone, color and feeling shape the experience of listening to Kalancea's work.

Kalancea's work is made of malleable sonic material that never looks or sounds the same way twice. Part of the magic of the music, and her work is similar to ELEH in this way, is that her work leaves room for the conscious and unconscious emotions of the listener. How you react is partially a result of how you feel at the time.

Alchemy, Alina Kalancea's subsequent cassette being released simultaneously, is a limited edition appendix to the album Letters Never Sent.

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