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Atsuko Hatano - Insulated Paradise - Tape

Atsuko Hatano - Insulated Paradise - Tape

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release date: June 23, 2023

Atsuko Hatano is a contemporay classical Viola player who works with electronics to add textures and layers to her sound. Located in Tokyo, Japan, she is a commanding instrumentalist and composer who constructs innovative compositions with strings and layered electronics.

Working in isolation due to the Covid pandemic, Atsuko Hatano played violin, viola, synthesizer and electronics to create these powerful, unique compositions. Insulated Paradise is an investigation into the social nature of humanity, an inward gaze during a time of isolation and a reaction to isolation itself.

Ultimately, the solitude was a positive experience for Atsuko Hatano and Insulated Paradise was born.

Insulated Paradise cover art by Saskia Griepink is titled Dew.

Dew in the early morning.
The symbolic transition from night to day. Refreshing life.
Pure waterdrops reflecting light and colours. Silence before the noisy
day begins.

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