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Bass Communion / Freiband - LP

Bass Communion / Freiband - LP

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This is the third collaborative release by Steven Wilson (Bass Communion) and Frans de Waard (Freiband), following two well-received 3"CD releases, both on De Waard's My Own Little Label. 

Early in 2014 Frans extended an invitation to Steven to take part in his Brombron project, where one artist works in residence with another musician for one week, on music to be performed in concert at the end of that week. That other musician turned out to be Thomas Köner, the date December 2014, the location Extrapool, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. In the middle of this residency there happened to be a day off when Thomas needed to be out of town. Rather than waste the day,  Steven and Frans decided on an impromptu concert performance, and spent the day preparing the music. The concert took place that evening in the relaxed environment of Extrapool for a small audience of invited friends.

This record contains a slightly reworked recording of the performance on a 12" vinyl with a total playing time of 26 minutes. No additional overdubs were made, but parts of the music on the second side were subsequently layered and recycled in the studio. On side 1 'Courage' is in the tradition of ambient musique concrete, and continues the style and approach of the previous Bass Communion / Freiband releases. But on side 2 'Cowardice' shatters expectations with a slab of psychedelic noise assault, complete with exploding rhythm machines and gnarled electric guitar.

Strictly limited to 500 copies on vinyl in a beautiful Carl Glover designed sleeve.

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