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Marisa Anderson - Mercury / Golden Hour - 2 CD - SALE

Marisa Anderson - Mercury / Golden Hour - 2 CD - SALE

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Marisa Anderson's brilliant first 2 solo releases available on CD at a special price in honor of her recent WIRE cover profile



Portland guitar wizard Marisa Anderson's long awaited solo guitar record. Marisa has been a fixture on many a' music scene for years & years, playing with everyone from the Evolutionary Jass Band to Tara Jane O'Neil to The Dolly Ranchers. In any context, she can't escape her rag/blues/folk roots no matter how hard she tries. This LP featuring only guitar, no vocals, no overdubs, we are treated to a very intimate sounding home recording filled with delicate grace. Comparisons to John Fahey & his ilk are bound to occur, but won't be the last words."

1. Drop Down

2. The Night Before Last

3. First Light

4. In the Valley of the Sun

5. Clouds

6. A Dream of Willie McTell

7. The Rain Is Coming

8. Electricity

9. Singing In Many Voices

10. Last Light

11. Nebulae

12. The Golden Hour



"Portland guitar virtuoso Marisa Anderson is back with a new set of home recorded instrumentals. This time around we find Marisa exploring structures more based on the Appalachian folk tradition. The bluesy cadences of Marisa's other previous release - Golden Hour - are still there but more in an emotional sense than a structural. It's rare to find a record that has just one instrument with no vocals that can achieve real emotional communication - but here 'tis. Marisa thoughtfully composed & recorded this LP over the course of the last two years. It was worth the wait."

1. The New Country

2. Deep Gap

3. Down Off the Mountain

4. Old Names

5. Austin, Eureka and Ely

6. Trinity

7. Mojave

8. Furnace Creek

9. Embudo

10. Mesquite Shade

11. Happy Camp

12. Galax

13. Sinks and Rises

14. Hesitation Theme and Variation Blues

15. Colfax

16. Red Sky


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