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Various Artists - Festival Electronica En Abril

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To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Festival Electrónica en Abril, born in 2003 at La Casa Encendida, Madrid, La Casa Encendida has invited some of the artists that have left their personal mark on the event, right now the oldest music festival in Madrid. All of them have contributed exclusive tracks to this 2LP that provide an insight into the quality and diversity of the festival. These are ten exclusive tracks that research a very specific sound quality (ElehRadian, nsi.), take introspective journeys (Thomas KönerMaja Ratkje) and summon deep rhythmic collisions (Farben aka Jan JelinekDopplereffektElektro GuzziMatmosSND). All of them seem to share a desire for experimentation that encompasses the emotional as a response to a general state of things that hits us with an overdose of data and experimentation. Matmos' track was composed playing around with a friend's new synthesizer. Eleh added field recordings to his usual microscopic sound aesthetic for the first time. Thomas Köner composed this intimate and melancholic piece for his grandmother, and Maja Ratkje goes deep into an alien ambient lullaby of ravishing simplicity and beauty. Farben deconstructs rhythm to build it up again as a pure ecstatic house beat. Nsi., the project of Tobias Freund and Max Loderbauer embark on an abyssal expedition to the far reaches of sound. Dopplereffekt melt their retro-futurist electro into crystalline emotions. Elektro Guzzi, always recording live, without overdubs, was helped in the studio by Patrick Pulsinger, taking the bullet train directly to the heart of their amazing analog techno, where guitar, bass and drums truly count. And SND (Mark Fell and Matt Steel) ride on an oblique and funked-up carousel of their own making, where rhythm and math surf together. And finally, Farben goes deep into glorious house-not-house.