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Eleh - Homage Series - Square/Sine/Pointed Waveforms - 3LP BOX - (200-gram, screen printed, #'d ed.)

Eleh - Homage Series - Square/Sine/Pointed Waveforms - 3LP BOX - (200-gram, screen printed, #'d ed.)

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Box includes: 

Eleh "Homage To The Square Wave"  LP
Eleh "Homage To The Pointed Waveforms" LP
Eleh "Homage To The Sine Wave" LP

edition of 800.
200-gram weight vinyl. Screen-printed jackets and tip-on box with gloss printing. 
low numbers. 
Presenting a unified whole, the Homage 3LP boxed set contains Homage to the Square Wave, …Sine Wave and …Pointed Waveforms, all out of print until now. Initially released separately in 2008, 2009 and 2012 respectively with custom letterpress jackets, this collection includes new retrospective artwork by John Brien. Each disc comes in its own one-color silkscreen jacket using the same blue, orange and green from the original editions; all housed in a rigid white satin-coated slipcase with spot varnish printing hand-numbered out of 800.

Eleh, an artist who flourishes in restraint, uses a reduced sonic vocabulary to highlight delicate intricacies in a logical path toward harmonious satisfaction. The organization of hypnotic square waves, rippling sine waves and triangle/saw tooth waveforms is a discourse in the infinity, rather than the limits, of reduction. By employing a natural practice of balanced interpretation Eleh enables an individual reaction free of the clutter of white noise.

"Eleh demonstrates once again how a single amplified gesture delivered just so can reveal the inner worikings of an entire cosmos."
Tony Herrington/Wire

Vinyl Factory

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