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Eleh - Retreat Return Repose - 3CD

Eleh - Retreat Return Repose - 3CD

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This deluxe 3 CD set presents Eleh's Retreat, Return & Repose together for the first time. The LPs were originally only available
via Important Records mailorder.

Retreat is a collection of exploratory sound assemblages put together during a cabin sojourn. New timbral richness, tonal expansion and deep synthesis make these pieces rather different from previous work.

Return reflects on time away.

Repose contains only one piece, the final recording of Circle Two: Coastal Rotation For Dune Loop which was debuted at 2010's Mutek festival in Montreal. This piece completes the Retreat/Return trilogy with Repose and is intended to stand very much on its own. Rain on your hood. Your heart beats. A beach break roaring in the distance. Isolated pines are played by the wind. A fine spot for repose. You turn around and head home.

"Eleh demonstrates once again how a single amplified gesture delivered just so can reveal the inner worikings of an entire cosmos." Tony Herrington/Wire


W1SIP/Operating Position
W1SIP In The Sun
Brain Camp
Wires In The Woods
Prayer For Departure

Music For Jan Wilsgaard
Dawn Fade Dub
Dawn Fade For Serge Modular

Circle Two: Coastal Rotation For Dune Loop

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