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EMG - Harry Bertoia 100th Anniversary - LP/DVD

EMG - Harry Bertoia 100th Anniversary - LP/DVD

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Tribute To Harry Bertoia 100th Year Anniversary from Experiential Recordings on Vimeo. 

Experiential Recordings, Sonambient and Important Records are honoured to present a tribute to Harry Bertoia's 100th year anniversary. The project intends to celebrate the artist and his sound sculptures through a collection of recordings realised by EMG.

The package consists of a limited numbered edition of 100 copies: 180g vinyl record and a DVD, both enclosed in a hand-crafted and engraved wooden box produced by an artisan located in Naples, Italy. A booklet giving an insight to the project is also included.

The sounds on the record arise from two different stages of research and experimentation using three of Bertoia's sound sculptures models in scale:

Side 1 was recorded in EMGs Berlin studio with the use of 3 contact microphones placed on the base of each sculpture to intentionally capture the musical and vibrant essence of these beautiful pieces of art;

Side 2 gathers field recordings springing from the interaction between the sculptures and the natural environment surrounding Harry Bertoia's native house in San Lorenzo di Arzene, a small village in north-east Italy.

The DVD, produced by visual artists Claude Steiner and Nadia Honarchian from, gives the opportunity to focus on a mixture of abstract images which reflect the initial impressions evoked by the sound sculptures. These images come together more concretely along with the unfolding of the musical composition. The soundtrack to this audio-visual work was performed by EMG using custom made microphones and preamps, handcrafted by Berlin-based audio engineer Mo Stern.


Side 1 - Inner Sound Recording

Side 2 - Field Recording

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