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Emiliano Romanelli -Tabulatura (Volume 1) - Cassette

Emiliano Romanelli -Tabulatura (Volume 1) - Cassette

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Tabulatura is a 2008 indeterminate composition for sixteen pre-recorded guitar parts and computer with custom software. It is conceived as a system to generate different electro-acoustic patterns.

The Volume 1 documents seven live-recorded pieces, during four sessions at the 18th-century Palazzo Castagna in Citt‡ Sant'Angelo, Italy between May and June 2015. The album was recorded on two-track, directly on hard drive, without DSP and overdubs.

Emiliano Romanelli (b. 1979) is an Italian musician with a background in visual art. His work includes sound installation, live performance and composition; they are based on the generative systems and the perceptual relationships between sound, light and space. His work is published by Terziruolo (IT).

He has been co-founder and member of the multimedia duo Tu m' (1998-2011). Their compositions have been released by labels including Line (US), Headz (JP), Dekorder (DE), and their audio-visual works have been exhibited in various museums and galleries including Castello di Rivoli (Torino), Arnolfini (Bristol), Oboro (Montréal).


"[...] the beautiful craftsmanship of these seven pieces – and the way they are structured, so simply and elegantly, so as to allow that craftsmanship to shine – makes Tabulatura a joy to listen to."
— Nathan Thomas for Fluid Radio (

"[...] Romanelli holds his sounds in place and asks me to look closer. Each of the guitar drones sways like the branches of a tree, shifting slowly through different volume levels and harmonic profiles, veering back and forth over a central point. The movement is enough to gift the album a soft, respiratory warmth – reshaping gently in response to certain directives of the environment – yet doesn't undermine the perception of Tabulatura as a selection of solid objects, designed to be admired for their sculptural handiwork rather than their navigation through time."
— Jack Chuter for ATTN:Magazine (

"[...] When used with sensible competence, a guitar stimulated by an eBow can generate some among the most mind-enhancing resonances one can fathom. The sum of partials of a given set of strings stretched into an endless line of light definitely helps in an essential process of self-focusing."
— Massimo Ricci for Touching Extremes (

"[...] the near stasis of the music works very well as it retains a beautiful warm glow ... This is an excellent release."
— Frans de Waard for Vital Weekly (

"[...] There's a research at a writing level that let the listener apparently disoriented as this release sounds new while it sounds old and this is due to the intention to push the boundaries at the meaning level rather than on the novelty one. It shows a path for further developments and it's worth an attentive listen."
— Andrea Piran for Chain D.L.K. (

"[...] Though little of Tabulatura may strike the outside ear as new, the inner will likely not have heard it so before–with indeterminacy's agency laying the grain of the voice open for fuller listener occupation."
— Alan Lockett for Igloo Magazine (

"[...] the calm and floating atmosphere easily fills the room they are played in."
— Peter van Cooten for Ambientblog (

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